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SuperBid - a social auction app

connecting fans with thousands of influencer led auctions for items, experiences, and NFTs

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Superbid app
Our vision of the SuperBid app
Justin Bieber
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a dinner with Justin Bieber
PewDiePie & Dream
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playing Minecraft with PewDiePie and Dream
Elon Musk
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Elon Musk’s NFTs
Ariana Grande
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backstage concert tickets with Ariana Grande
Meet our superstars!

Natalia Janoszek

Bollywood actress & model


Announcement soon

Follow the White Rabbit

Kid Eight

Renowned NFT and 3D visual artist with nearly two decades of experience


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Meet our team
Wojciech Sobczuk photo

Wojciech Sobczuk

Founder & CTO

Founder & CTO at VentureDevs, a company building tech for global companies such as, and unicorns like Fair. Featured in TechCrunch, Inc. 500, Business Insider, Fortune, and Bloomberg. Founder of the world’s first multi-million user social media app. Serial entrepreneur, 16 years of business and full-stack development experience, and over 6 years of cryptocurrency market experience.

Patrick Gajda photo

Patrick Gajda

Founder & CEO

Over 10 years of experience in business management and product development. Active entrepreneur and serial startups investor in space, fintech, IT, e-commerce. President of Escape Velocity, executive board at Venture Devs, and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network).

Maxwell Gross photo

Maxwell Gross


Over 6 years of engineering, program management, risk management and business development experience. Former Boeing Defense, Space, and Security engineer. Over 5 years of cryptocurrency market and blockchain research experience.

Branden Hampton photo

Branden Hampton

Head of Talent

Recognized by Forbes as the king of social media, having built over 36M followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. First-to-market adopter of social media, has worked with over 500 different celebrities, athletes, artists, and social media influencers. One of the largest holders of “digital real estate” in the social landscape, including: @Travel, @Beauty, @Makeup, and @Marijuana.

Artur Pszczółkowski photo

Artur Pszczółkowski


CMO of GamerHash, helped take its $GHX token 70x from the presale. Managed digital activities in Swiss-based global corporation which had a yearly turnover of more than $4 Billion. More than 15 years of Broad international & corporate background. His expertise lays in business analysis & marketing strategies for blockchain projects.

Meet our partners

Tech partner

VentureDevs is an industry-leading software development firm that builds products and teams for global companies and Silicon Valley unicorns such as, and startups such as, and


Promo partner

An award-winning, disruptive live music streaming technology platform that offers innovative revenue streams and artist services.


Strategic partner

GamerHash’s vision is to create one of the largest decentralized supercomputers by using the free computing power of gamers. The GamerHash platform is running with 550,000+ users to mine GamerCoin and other cryptos with gaming PCs.


Member of Association

The Crypto Valley Association is an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.